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                          Highly recommended!
Readers' Favorite | By Christian Sia August 21, 2016
Immortalis: The Guardian by Leah P Lozano is a compelling fantasy that will appeal to young adult readers and adults who are fans of this genre. While struggling to deal with the loss of her family and the dilemma of choosing between two weird men in her life, Lina suffers from unusual visions. A formidable enemy believes she is the one spoken of in their prophecies and they are out to get her. In this intense, action packed novel, readers watch mighty powers battling for control. In a world where the balance between light and darkness is disturbed, the reader looks forward to the inevitable. But there is more to the story than the seismic disorders and the monumental war between creatures of darkness and light, for Lina is about to discover a truth that has been veiled for centuries. Does she have what it takes?

 The writing is crisp and colorful and readers will love how the author explores the intense emotions of the protagonist. Lina is a brave and compelling character and her growth curve is very interesting - readers will enjoy following her through the different stages of the conflict that is masterfully developed throughout the story. The story, though improbable, is very convincing. Leah P Lozano comes across as an expert in the first person narrative, a style that will immediately draw the reader into the story, allowing them to be pulled into the worldview of the protagonist. This is a fantasy tale I enjoyed greatly and I loved the fact that Immortalis: The Guardian is set against a turbulent universe where worlds coexist and collide sometimes. It’s the kind of book that will make readers dream of light and darkness and flying in the air, and wake up with sweat on their brows. Highly recommended!

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Enter a realm where everything can take human form. Asteroids are Watchers and Stars whisper prophecies to the Ancients. Light and Dark create mythical creatures for their reoccurring war in order to reign each millennium. The Immortalis are born human, raised on Earth, before going through an awakening where their mortal strength becomes their power and their weakness … the only way to destroy them. Power-hungry immortals battle for dominion over their three planets, oblivious to the real war that is about to unfold. The cycle has gone on for ages, but what happens when the insidious Dark tips the balance in his favor?

The Light calls upon the heavens and a legend is born.

“What if it were true? All of it. The stories, the heroics … the villains, they weren’t just fairy tales, or legends, or happily ever afters. They were warnings.”

As she struggles to deal with the loss of the only family she has ever known, twenty-year-old Lina’s strange visions catapult her into the midst of a war on the other end of the universe.

Torn between two men—the unnamed midnight-eyed man, who exists solely in her visions and Archos, her ever-present neighbor who makes her intuition scream danger despite his gentlemanly ways—Lina must save herself from a rebel force who believes she is the dangerous answer to their prophecies, find the truth of her own origins and inner strength, and battle epic forces of evil while facing a terrifying realization ...

~ An Epic Fantasy Series ~

                          I will certainly recommend this book to all my reader friends
Amazon | By Shirley on August 22, 2016
When an author can write a book that brings her characters into my world, I applaud her talent ! I was actually walking in a garden and seeing and feeling what Lina did. I finished the book yesterday and it is still in my mind and of course now I want more !! I will certainly recommend this book to all my reader friends ! Thanks for sharing, Leah Lozano !

Go ahead. Enjoy chapter one ...


                          Awesome Book!!!
Amazon | By Lydia Veroskyon February 29, 2016
This book was a page turner beginning to end! Love the story, and am on the edge of my seat for the next installment. Highly recommend it!!!