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Hello again,

Allow me to introduce myself. I grew up with nearly all male cousins and two brothers, so "House" was never a game we played. With Star Wars being the popular choice, I was given the nickname—you guessed it—Princess Leah, and so too became a geek at heart. First and foremost however, I am a romantic. I have been writing since I was a youngling—for those of you that know about my series, you will appreciate that! Residing in sunny South Texas and having attended the San Antonio Art Institute, I’m a wife, an artist, and an author of the epic fantasy series, IMMORTALIS. I am looking forward to releasing another book soon, so please be sure to stop by for updates. It has been a real pleasure creating a world I can share with you. Thank you for your time and for helping me to realize my dreams. Like life, reading is a journey to be enjoyed. Turn the page and meet me there!
Blessings and love,
Leah P. Lozano

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